How to Open and Unblock Youtube in Pakistan

Updated: June 22, 2013


It’s hard to keep track of how many times Youtube and other sites are blocked in Pakistan. There are people like me who know how to use proxy (ofcourse free proxies are great way) and/or use special software to access the blocked sites including access YouTube in Pakistan.

In this article you will find

  • How to Open Youtube and blocked websites in Pakistan
  • How to Unblock Youtube in Pakistan
  • How to access Youtube and banned websites by PTA in Pakistan
  • How to use Proxy server to unblock popular websites in Pakistan

Why Youtube or similar websites are blocked: Due anti-Islamic and blasphemous videos; YouTube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) few times now. This time being the longest people are unable to access youtube.

While we support the notion that Google or YouTube administration should block the said videos and make them disable for people in this region, it is still harsh the majority of people in Pakistan who need YouTube for academic or other general and important purpose are deprived of the use of other videos. As per its largest resource of online videos data repository once can not deny its importance as per its usage and realistic need for working professional and students some may not survive without availability of its service, even thought few people think of this act as unethical as government banned and people should follow Govt’s act and do not access the blocked video site, but in extreme we have to use it. There are few affective methods to access YouTube in Pakistan and unblock YouTube to watch any video without any hassle by following simple steps described above.

Using Proxy to Unblock Youtube

Open any of the proxy websites listed below and enter full URL of the blocked website, i.e for to access or open Youtube: enter


These SSL proxy surfing sites were working fine the time we posted. This method can also be used to Unblock Access of any Blocked website whether you are in office, college, school or university, although it affects speed sometime.

Using Browser Plugin to Access Youtube

There are loads of plugins or add-ons available for free for popular browsers like Firefox which you can install to switch proxies as you open different websites. You can search add-ons using open browser or enter and search for “proxy” add-on. Popular proxy plugins are Proxy Switch, FoxyProxy, AutoProxy etc. There is rating for each and every plugin, you can decide whichever factor you want to decide on.

Using Proxy Software to Open Youtube

You can also easily unblock YouTube with the help of third party software’s like HotSpot Shield, Ultra Surf or OkayFreedom VPN Premium.

Using Google DNS to unblock your favorite websites

This trick is specially for PTCL but you can also try this on other ISP networks. Just follow the simple steps below.

1. Just go to your network connection properties and double click on internet protocol (TCP/IP) and add/change your primary DNS to Google DNS( and secondary DNS to ( After that click OK button to save the settings.

2. Now you have to open the secure connection of YouTube with https. Open it will take a time to open in first time so have some patience, then in order to use YouTube fully , you need to login into your Gmail account associated with YouTube.

3. Login to your YouTube account and then start watching videos , it should work fine.

4. So this is the method which works for me on both PTCL and Wi-tribe so lets see that if it works for you or not. Please tell me about your result via comments below.

Hope this article has helped you to open, access and unblock your favorite websites including Youtube in Pakistan. If you have any question or need help, please let me know in comments below.

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