Carley Watts Converted to Islam

Updated: September 10, 2013

Carley-Watts-Converted-to-IslamIslam phobia is being promoted through out the world through different propaganda and Islam is pictured as a religion that promotes terrorism and lacks justice, have nothing to offer to women. Western media has gave it a picture of terror but it is being said “the more your suppress a thing the greater it emerges” and that’s what is the case with Islam as many propaganda are being adopted to represent Islam as a bad religion but it can be seen that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

Many film stars , football stars and famous political leaders have converted to Islam in recent past as they have find out that Islam is the true religion that has everything in it and it is the only religion that has described each and every aspect of life. Frack Ribery a great football star converted to Islam few years back and performed Umrah as well he has been nominated the best player of Europe. Now another famous celebrity Calary Watts have also accepted Islam as she got impressed with the religion as Islam offers a lot of respect to women than any other religion in the world.

The difference in pictures of Calary Watts can be seen on internet before accepting Islam and after accepting Islam as religion. She elaborated that she feels at peace and secure when her body is covered with cloths. The beautiful lady said that she always felt insecure deep inside but after accepting Islam she gained inner peace. She got impressed from her boyfriend who is a Muslim and have converted to Islam after watching how much respect he has given to her. She have not only accepted Islam but also have started preaching Islam. We wish Carly Watts best of luck for her future and pray that she stays on the right path.

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